Digital Fashion Marketplace
Platform for brands, artists & developers
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Digital Fashion Marketplace
Platform for brands, artists & developers
The Blue Ocean
Today, the digital fashion market is emerging — startups are already creating a variety of jewelry and fashion accessories with displays to broadcast the digital artworks and people are ready to buy and wear them. They are even experimenting with clothes clothes and footwear.

The main goal of POSH SPACE — form a culture and create a new market, providing opportunities for startups, young talents and big companies.
$ 300B

Global fashiontech market in 2020
$ 2.8Tr

Global fashiontech market in 2035
95 %

Want a digital fashion accessory
60 %

Ready to buy digital artworks
Digital art is a new fashion
POSH SPACE is a marketplace where users can download digital artworks to instantly change the face of their accessories.

If you want to get a new look, you do not need to go to the store for a new jewelry or fashion accessory. Instead of one, the owner of any wearable accessory or wardrobe item, connected to POSH SPACE, gets thousands and able to set a new unique design at any time.

Decentralized platform allow content makers to sell their artworks without agents and fees. All copyrights and the history of ownership are recorded into the blockchain.
Digital Fashion solves the next problems
Fashion stuff including jewelry are quickly become obsolete. As a result, accessories are piled up on racks, taking much space — you will not wear them nor throw them away. Digital fashion is the great opportunity to always be in trend.
Fashion clothes and accessories is a way to swank and express yourself. Unusual things are too expensive, rare and difficult to buy. Cheap ones are not allow to stand out from crowd — everybody has it. Digital fashion is a new way that combines a reasonable price with uniqueness and the possibility of self-expression.
Fashion is one of the most harmful industries for the environment. More than 150 billion items are produced annually. Instant design changing on clothing and accessories allow to reduce the consumption and production, which will significantly reduce the harm to the environment.
POSH SPACE — a platform for digital fashion industry, that enables fashion brands, artists and technological companies interact together to bring digital accessories to customers.
Artists, Brands & Bands
Create and upload digital artworks to POSH SPACE marketplace
OEM's & Startups
Develop new hardware, form-factors, apps, services and use cases
Jewelry & Fashion Brands
Sell accessories and wardrobe items with a display to broadcast artworks
Mods & Geeks
Buy and wear branded accessories and unique digital artworks
Each member of the platform get benefits
Content makers
A new space for creativity and show off their artworks. Easy entry, access to the huge audience and fame. Each device is a mini art exhibition
Accessory makers
A new product and a new channel for sales and interaction with consumers. Access to huge audience and partners
Hardware and apps developers
New customers and development potential in the new market, sales channel and quick access to the target audience and partners
Instant access to thousands of looks and freedom of expression. All the fashion in the app, not on the shelves — don't take up space and available at any place and any time
Great ability to raise funds, placing paid charity artworks with guaranteed delivery of the offer to a huge audience
Improve the ecology and reduce extraction of natural resources: precious stones, metals and rare trees. Also reduce the amount of heavy labor to mine these resources
Our achievements:

1. Made two own prototypes of AMOLED necklaces
2. Made a huge market research
3. Raised a pre-seed & seed rounds from business angel and VC
4. Built the alphas of digital content platform and iOS/Android apps
5. Developed a partnership with Brands and OEMs
6. Was presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
Demo of the first working prototype
Prototype was made just for 2 months from the idea come to us in the September of 2016
September '16
Idea coming, start working on the first prototype
November '16
Release of prototype ver. 1.0
December '16
$50k raised from business angel
September '17
$75k raised, release of prototype ver. 2.0, Pre-sale start
November '17
Pre-manufacture ver. of AMOLED necklace, platform and apps betas, Token Sale start
December '17
The pool of artists and first content
February '18
Platform and apps release, open SDK for devs,, pilot sales with a fashion brands
December '18
Connected at least 7 fashion/jewelry brands and 1000 content-makers, sold up to 1 000 000 accessories
Know how to build and launch technology products, attract partners and rise investments
Nikolay Ponomarenko
CEO: product, marketing & business mode
Launched IoT and Social apps in US & Europe,
partnered with Schneider Electrics and ALPLA

Previous experience:
ROUND — CEO & Founder
Paradox Software — CEO & Founder
Dreamise — CEO & Founder
ElecPrime — CCO & Co-Founder

Sergey Shevyakov
CCO: finance, partners, artists & brands
Launched e-commerce app, raised over $20m investments,
partnered with Эльдорадо and Независимость

Previous experience:
ROUND — CCO & Co-Founder
Timerun — CEO & Co-Founder
Home Credit Bank — Senior Business Development Manager
Core Team
Dima Danilov
C++ & firmware developer
Sasha Shevchuk
3D & graphic design
George Girenok
3D & industrial design
Igor Zhiltsov
RnD & hardware developer
Advisory Board
Alexander Shulgin
Strategic Advisor (content, media & tech)
Visionary and investor in the future technologies. As a visionary, Alexander predicted in early 2009 the emergence of crypto-currencies, which will begin to replace the existing monetary system, as well as the emergence of national and regional crypto-currencies.

Today Alexander is a successful investor in the technology of the future: BitFury, Lending Club, DotBlockchain, Ticketland, Aviasales, Farfetch, Rocket Lawer, PlutoTV, etc. Founder and partner in investment companies, co-owner of TV channels, and an investment consulting company in Switzerland. As one of the world's leading experts in the field of digital economy, digital communications and future media, he teaches at universities in Hong Kong, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia.
Anina Net
FashionTech & Design Advisor
CEO of 360Fashion Network, a leading global fashion tech company that creates custom virtual and interactive solutions, innovative products, and events for fashion brands. 10 years building a bridge between fashion and technology.

360Fashion Network focuses on fashion mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, smart fashion maker kits, e-textiles, among others. Anina produces large fashion technology events in Asia such as the 360Fashion&Tech Expo together with the China National Garment Association CHIC show, which has over 125,000 people in attendance and the first high tech runway fashion show in China at the Mobile World Congress, Shanghai. She produced the IBM 360Fashion & Tech Innovation Awards in the United States in November 2015.
Vladimir Shreyder
Digital Art & Design Advisor
Designer and art director. The founder of mobile applications Glitché [1] and SLMMSK [2]. In 2015, the British "The Guardian" called Shreyder one of the 30 influential people in Moscow under 30 years.

[1] Glitché — a mobile application for editing images using digital errors and visual distortions. The application has become widespread in the fashion industry, as well as among musicians and show business stars.
[2] SLMMSK allows you to create the so-called "anti-selfie" selfie, intentionally distorted by visual effects with the help of automatic face recognition in real time. The American edition of "Yahoo" stressed that with the release of the appendix "we entered the era of post-selfies".

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