The Digital Fashion Platform
Enable artists, fashion & jewelry brands to create and sell wearables and digital prints
What is digital fashion?
Today, a new industry is emerging in a fashion tech market — the digital fashion. Startups are already creating a variety of accessories with displays for digital content, which are in demand among consumers. And even experimenting with footwear and clothing.

This is the very beginning but the trend isn't stopping here.

The main goal of Posh SPACE is to form a digital fashion culture and create a new market, providing opportunities for realization, monetization and growth for young talents and existent market players.
95 %

Want to have an accessory with a color display
24 %

Ready to buy digital fashion accessory from $150
60 %

Ready to purchase digital artworks for their accessories
57 %

Consider that the main function is an instant design changing
Digital fashion solves next problems:
Fashion stuff quickly becomes obsolete, including jewelry. As a result, accessories and clothes are piled up in wardrobes, taking up space. You will not dress them nor throw them away. Digital fashion is the way to always be in trend.
Buying clothes and fashion accessories is a way to express yourself. Unusual things are expensive, rare and difficult to buy. Cheap ones are not allowed to stand out from the crowd — everybody has them. Digital artworks is an option that combines a reasonable price with uniqueness and self-expression.
Fashion is one of the most harmful industries for the environment. More than 150 billion items produce annually and then it dusted in wardrobes. Instant changing of wear design, allows reducing the consumption and production, which will significantly reduce the harm of the environment.
Digital art is a new fashion
Posh SPACE — is a marketplace where users purchase digital artworks to instantly change the look of their accessories.

To get a new look, you don't need to go to the store for a new stuff - instead of one item, the owner of any wearable accessory or apparel connected to our Posh SPACE gets immediate access to thousands... and can choose a new unique design at any time.

We enable digital artists to finally announce themselves to a wider audience and monetise their work. We create a value for digital content: exactly the same value as physical goods and pieces of art.
Posh SPACE is a platform for digital fashion industry, that enables brands, artists and technological companies interact together to bring digital wear and accessories to the customers
Artists & designers
Create and upload digital artworks into the single marketplace
OEMs & developers
Develop hardware, form-factors, applications and new services
Jewelry & fashion brands
Sell accessories and wear with displays for digital artworks
Buy branded accessories, wear and unique digital artworks
Each member of our ecosystem gain his benefits
Artists and designers
A new space for creativity and show off their artworks. Easy entry, access to the huge audience, revenue from selling their artworks and fame.
Jewelry and fashion brands
A new product and a new channel for sales and interaction with consumers. Access to huge audience and partners.
Developers and OEMs
New customers and development potential in the new market. New sales channel and quick access to the target audience and partners.
Instant access to thousands of looks and freedom of expression. All the fashion stuff in the
app instead of on the shelves — don't take up space and available at any place and anytime.
Great ability to raise funds, placing paid charity artworks with guaranteed delivery of the offer to a huge audience.
Improve the ecology and reduce extraction of natural resources: precious stones, metals and rare trees. Also reduce the amount of heavy labor and decrease a harmful production.
Let's bring the digital fashion to the world
Join the Posh SPACE platform and start making a digital fashion right now!