Know how to launch technology products, attract partners and investments
Nikolay Ponomarenko
CEO: product, marketing & business model
Launched IoT and Social services in the US and Europe,
Partners with Schneider Electrics and ALPLA

Previous experience:
ROUND — CEO & Founder
Paradox Software — CEO & Founder
Dreamise — CEO & Founder
ElecPrime — CCO & Co-Founder

Sergey Shevyakov
CCO: finance, partners, artists & brands
Launched a large e-commerce project, raised more than $20m,
Partners with Eldorado and Independence Group

Previous experience:
ROUND — CCO & Co-Founder
Timerun — CEO & Co-Founder
Home Credit Bank — Senior Business Development Manager

Worldwide professionals in fashion, art, business and technologies
Alexander Shulgin
Strategic Advisor (content, media & tech)
Visionary and investor in the future technologies. As a visionary, Alexander predicted in early 2009 the emergence of crypto-currencies, which will begin to replace the existing monetary system, as well as the emergence of national and regional crypto-currencies.

Today, Alexander is a successful investor in the technology of the future: BitFury, Lending Club, DotBlockchain, Ticketland, Aviasales, Farfetch, Rocket Lawer, PlutoTV, etc. Founder and partner in investment companies, co-owner of TV channels, and investment and consulting company in Switzerland. As one of the world's leading experts in the field of digital economy, digital communications and future media, he teaches at universities in Hong Kong, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia.
Anina Net
Fashion tech & Design Advisor
CEO 360Fashion Network, 10 years connects fashion and technology. Anina is an international fashion model, a blogger, and a fashion technology and wearables event producer.

360Fashion Network focuses on mobile applications for the fashion industry, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, sets for smart fashion developers and electronic textiles. Anina conducts major events in the field of technological fashion in Asia, in which more than 125,000 people participate, organized the first show of high-tech fashion in China at the World Mobile Congress in Shanghai and issued the IBM 360Fashion & Tech Innovation Awards in the United States in November 2015.
Vladimir Shreyder
Digital Art & Design Advisor
Designer and art director. The founder of mobile applications Glitché [1] and SLMMSK [2]. In 2015, the British The Guardian called Shreyder one of 30 influential people in Moscow under 30 years.

[1] Glitché — A mobile application for editing images using digital errors and visual distortions. The application has become widespread in the fashion industry, as well as among musicians and celebrities.
[2] SLMMSK allows user to create the so-called "antiselfie" - a selfie, intentionally distorted by visual effects with the help of automatic face recognition in real time. The American edition of Yahoo stressed that with the release of the application "we have entered the age of the post-selfie selfie".